We believe in using thoughtfully chosen material, timeless design, and peerless craftsmanship. ANAZAŌ has no direct parallel in English. The ancient Greeks used it to mean, “to recover life.” Using sustainable building methods, we make bespoke, modern furniture and millwork for architects, interior designers, builders and select individuals who want exceptional, timeless pieces that are built to last beyond a mere lifetime.

Everyone has a story. ANAZAŌ’s humble beginnings as a garage woodworking shop have allowed us to flourish over the last ten years into a professional, modern furniture and millwork company. Founded  by two tree-hugging creatives -- a recovering advertising art director, and a skilled set builder turned furniture maker -- ANAZAŌ has quality and sustainability at its heart.

Our roots may extend to two young guys making furniture, but the company has grown into something well beyond that. ANAZAŌ is one of the few places that employs people who practice professional craftsmanship, all while staying true to our founding principles. From reclaimed materials, to organic finishes, to ethically harvested virgin wood, to CAD design and expert installation, we do everything to bring new life into your space.